Within Universities of the Future, players of the quadruple helix are developers, co-creators and also final beneficiaries. Together with partners, these players will co-create a multitude of ground-breaking resources for higher education communities (including students and alumni), business and public bodies. Our collaborative methodology is built by five main steps:

Step 1: Laying the foundations

Step 2: Engaging key players and co-creating a sound collaborative strategy

Step 3: Co-developing, testing and validating an array of innovative, up-to-date and attractive educational resources

Step 4: Creating and deploying a set of innovative and valuable resources and guiding tools addressed to key players

Step 5: Building and animating a virtual teaching and learning factory for Industry 4.0.

The whole project is based on this approach and its implementation will keep this focus. All resources and activities developed will be created with inputs from the quadruple helix along the project. Join us to be part of this community!

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