After doing an initial literature review of Industry 4.0, that provided an initial reference point to categorize the empirical data, partners carried out 10 in-depth interviews and 25 phone questionnaires.

Qualitative questionnaires were developed for conducting exploratory interviews with different industry representatives and experts. These interviews were meant for identifying the skills for working in Industry 4.0 and integrating them/mapping them to the initial elements found on the literature review. From those interviews, an initial hypothesis regarding the different kind of skills was developed for testing. The list of skills is meant to be matched to the background of the responder, as to take into consideration their perceptions. Then, a shorter questionnaire was delivered online to test or add to the initial set of skills resulting from the interviews.

From the interviews, trends on clusters and networks, platform economies and the future work, education, and challenges in the implementation of industry 4.0 were defined and will be soon available for consultation.

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