The first conclusions of the current state-of-art (resulted from the literature review and field work) are ready. These findings will be deepened, but we can share with you what was find at this moment:

  • Big demand for people with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills;
  • Main skills needed for Industry 4.0: Working outside of the comfort zone; understanding the interactions and potentialities of different technologies; working in multidisciplinary teams; leadership; communication; interpersonal skills;
  • Need for new business models;
  • Be sensitive to knowledge management and problem-solving;
  • Ethical implications of the use or development of technology perceived as a challenge.

Overall, a recurrent trend is wide perspectives and interpersonal skills that complement well-developed domain-specific knowledge of their own field. Universities enable the development of not only professionals but human beings with the capacity to work and thrive in these new environments.

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