INOVA+ together with Mentortec organized a one-day event at AEP, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, last Friday, 27th July 2018. The event entitled Organizational Climate and Digitalization in SME counted with the presence and participation of several key players actively engaged with the event’s themes, namely APG (Portuguese Association for Human Resources), CECOA (Vocational Training Centre for the Commerce and Services) and CESAE (Service Center and Companies’ Support).


The morning was focused on the Organizational Climate, with the promotion of a workshop on how to improve the organizational climate in SME using OSTESA tools and resources, and with an interesting talk by Adelino Cunha (APG), about the relevance of these themes in human resources management.

The digitalization of SME was the core of the afternoon sessions. Firstly, Isabel Luís (CECOA), talked about the development of digital competences in SME’s part of the commerce sector. Next, Andreia Monteiro (Mentortec) debated the workers’ digital competences focusing especially on the DC4Work activities, linked to tourism and retail sector. Jair Ferreira (CESAE), talked then about a training programme designed to change the companies’ strategy based in their orientation for digitalization. At the end of the event, João Queirós (PDF) introduced the Universities of the Future, disclosing the project objectives and encouraging the participants to embark in unique collaborative co-creation processes within this knowledge alliance community of practice.

Thank you very much to all you that stayed with us!

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