January the 10th was the date of the focus group that ANI, the Portuguese National Agency for Innovation, together with the Polytechnic of Porto, organized within the Universities of the Future Project, gathering around the table several institutions and experts to discuss the digital transformation we’re experiencing and the new skills the industries of the future will need.

Besides representatives from members of the Project ANI and P.PORTO, the focus group – which took place in ANI’s facilities in the city of Porto –  included specialists from COTEC Portugal, a leading think and action network for advancing technology diffusion and business innovation cooperation which is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the measures of the Portuguese Industry 4.0 National Strategy, from CEiiA, a Centre of Engineering and Product Development that designs, develops and operates innovative products in the mobility industries, and is one of the 10 largest R&D investors in Portugal, as well as from two large international companies, Schneider Electric Portugal and Visabeira.

The focus group discussed the draft version of the “Blueprint for the Universities of the Future” the Project is putting together and represented a step further towards the promotion of closer, stronger, meaningful and reciprocally valuable links between higher education institutions, companies, public agencies and students/alumni, leading to an innovative approach to education 4.0.

Results of the focus group are now being compiled and will help to improve our Blueprint, that will be soon available here.

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