On January 28th, 2019, the Polish Igniting Event for Universities of the Future project took place at the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management of Warsaw University of Technology. It was the first of over a dozen planned events organized as part of the Universities of the Future project. The event was attended by participants from Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology; CEOs of EY, Astor, Pilz Poland; workers from Wilson & Brown; teachers from Warsaw University of Technology and Warsaw University, Polish Accreditation Commission and students.
After presenting the assumptions of the project by Piotr Pałka (WUT), Maciej Markowski (PKA) and Łucja Grochal-Mościcka (W&B), Mr. Andrzej Soldaty from Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, leader of the Platform for the Future Industry Foundation, presented the current challenges facing Industry 4.0 and Education 4.0 in Poland. After the discussion panel, a coffee table workshop on subjects related to the future of Education 4.0 was organized. The challenges were analyzed in the context of HEI, industry and public institution. The workshop was divided into three parts, during which the participants discussed the following questions: “What will the organization’s work look like in 20 years?”, “What knowledge, skills, competences, and roles will be needed?” And “What steps should be taken (in the organization) to enable the acquisition of these competences?”. All participants took part in the discussion, solving further challenges for each organization. Finally, after a short summary by the hosts of HEI, industry, and public institution, the meeting was wrapped-up.

The event in Warsaw was a success. We would like to thank all participants and invite them to stay as part of our collaborative project.

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