The Universities of the Future consortium is launching the educative assets being produced next week, with the first edition of the course “Ethical Product Development”.



Aalto University is organizing the first short-course duration for professionals under the topics related to industry 4.0. This first course focus on product development processes, stimulating participants to learn about the basics of product development, including some aspects related to ethical decision-making, prototyping and electronics design, as well as tips for pitching (improving verbal communication skills).

The participants will form teams to work on a hands-on real challenge provided by the industry (Consair), and workshops will be run covering the different topics in an engaging way. At the end, participants will present their “solutions” developed during the course.

This continuous training course is part of the short-courses programme that the Universities of the Future consortium is preparing to expand the current offer of academic partners in terms of lifelong learning courses. It addresses professionals in industry interested in re/upskilling their knowledge and skills in topics related to industry 4.0, better equipping them to undertake or keep pace with organizational/job-related changes.

Further short-courses will be implemented at Aalto University under the topics of “Sustainable Product Development” and “User-Centred Product Development”. Shall you be interested in joining any of these courses, please contact directly Marcela Acosta ([email protected]).

Stay tuned for other educational initiatives that will be launched soon under the Universities of the Future. The short courses programme includes also courses for professionals taking place at Warsaw University of Technology and in P.Porto.

Additionally, an international joint post-graduation is expected to be announced next week!

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