The UoF’s 4th Transnational Project Meeting was carried out differently due to the COVID-19 worldwide situation. On the 14th and 15th of May, the UoF partnership participated in a distance meeting to discuss the main topics of the project, its progress, and necessary adjustments.

During the two meeting days, all the partnership organizations were represented, excepted one partner, by, at least, 1 person. Besides the transversal activities of the project – management, dissemination and quality – the status of the different work packages were presented by the respective project leaders regarding its progress, delays and next steps. The WP2, WP3 and WP4 were the most highlighted work packages in the meeting, due to the piloting phase of the project and the implementation of the UoF events.

The implementation of the last WP3 short-courses and the postponement of the Joint Post-Graduation to 21st September were discussed during the project meeting, as well as the finalization and sharing of the last guiding tool of the WP4. Also, the preparation and implementation of the WP2 Forward-looking events were addressed. The new plans will be soon ready. Stay tuned to get informed about new courses and the starting of the international Joint Post-Graduation.

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