The Universities of the Future project aims to generate a paradigmatic change in the way Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Industry and governments cooperate within the framework of Industry 4.0, promoting closer, strongest, meaningful, and reciprocally valuable links between them. In line with the ambition and objectives of UoF, we would like to invite/share with you an interesting conference – University-Industry Interaction Conference.

Designed and hosted by University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), this first online conference will be a four-day experience, between 8th and 11th of June, including 25 webinars, 6 online workshops, and 3 fireside chats.

This initiative is building on the current social-distancing and lockdown world, where the university-industry engagement has become more important than ever before. Nowadays, Universities play a crucial role in addressing today’s crisis, re-invent their business models, accelerate the road to online and blended learning, and accelerate their engagement processes.

During this event, participants will have the chance to networking with their peers from across the globe, and stay informed on the latest on entrepreneurial & engaged universities, strategic partnerships, and the tools and methods that support institutional change.

More than 100 speakers will talk about several topics around the University-Industry world, such as:

  • Developing more engaged and entrepreneurial universities
  • A holistic perspective towards university-industry partnerships
  • The university as a launching pad for innovation
  • Supporting students and lifelong learners in preparing for the future
  • Driving local and regional growth through creating an innovation ecosystem
  • Structures and mechanisms supporting university-industry interaction
  • Upskilling knowledge transfer and engagement professionals

The registration is already opened to all parties, and you can apply here

Curious and motivated to participate in this global online conference? Find more about the programme and the expert speakers here.

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