From the series of “objectives and ambitions of Universities of the Future all around”, the consortium of the project would like to invite/share with you another interesting conference, this time about Connecting Research and Industry with AI & Machine Learning Solutions.

The AI TechConnect Virtual Summit Series is specifically focused on connecting emerging best practices in AI and Machine Learning with industry and research initiatives. This community converges research, corporate, and government leadership and delivers solution sets for their sector-specific dataset challenges.

This event is composed of a set of five sessions, starting today (2nd of June), and finalizing on the 16th of June, all at 1:00 EST. The goal is to accelerate the deployment and adoption of AI and machine learning processes into key Industry sectors, including the five addressed in the summit sessions:

  • Materials Characterization

Machine learning for materials characterization, image analysis and processing

  • Advanced Manufacturing

AI-powered analytics, design for manufacturing, manufacturing efficiency

  • Medical & Biotech

AI, machine learning, big data analysis, modeling and simulation approaches for biomaterials and drug discovery and development

  • Materials Discovery

Latest advances in AI, machine learning and autonomous research approaches for materials discovery

  • Materials Design & Innovation

Latest advances in AI, machine learning and autonomous research approach for materials innovation and design

You can find detailed information regarding the programme, speakers and dates here. Do not miss this opportunity to learn more about the bridges and connections between Industry and the new digital world, and register now!

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