Starting next Monday (21st of September), the 1st edition of the International Joint Post-graduation in Industry 4.0 – Digital Innovation and Transformation will count on the participation of 32 students from the 3 countries of the partnership – Finland, Poland and Portugal. The class will be mainly composed of actors in the field of industry, professionals, and individuals looking for professional opportunities in the area.

As the Post-Graduation approaches, the expectations of participants have been quite high. Finnish attendees, from the Aalto University, have been sharing some ideas and goals they want to achieve over the next 6 months of learning.

The willingness to meet new people within the area, to contribute to the development of individual and team skills, and to learn innovative strategies to create contacts with companies/market, were some of the expectations and ambitions that the participants underlined.

Also, participants praised the course format, that is adaptable for all, with flexible modules and with a wide range of learning outcomes – “trends, risks, challenges, research & study areas, application opportunities, impact on the organisation, society, people, environment”.

The name of “Industry 4.0” was always identified in the participants’ expectations. The majority refers to the aim of learning more about the current trends in the industry (4.0) and gain new practical approaches and tools, and also learn and know how to put in practice a challenge and find solutions for it.

In this way, it seems to us that everything is ready to start this new learning journey on digital innovation and transformation!

The course will cover the following modules:

  • Project
  • Soft and T-skill
  • Shifting to I4.0: Change Management and IT Driven
  • Co-creation, New Business Models and Business Analytics
  • Intelligent IS and Decision Support Systems
  • Sustainable Enablers

For more information about this Post-Graduation programme, we invite you to read the Briefing of the Joint Post-Graduation, or contact the persons responsible:

Stay tuned!

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