Addressing the areas of Industry/Education 4.0, the courses developed within the Universities of the Future project are now available in the Virtual Teaching and Learning Factory for Industry 4.0 – a platform open to the community and free for all interested parties.

During the coming weeks, the available courses, their objectives and learning content will be introduced. The first course in this series to be presented is the “Basics of Prototyping“!

Developed by Aalto University, the course aims to expand the meaning of prototyping to understand it as a tool used in the innovation and experimentation process that is meant to enhance the common understanding of the concept being developed, and to test out different aspects of its functionality through the eyes of the user. In this course, those interested will be able to deepen topics such as:

  • Kinds of prototyping
  • When to use prototyping
  • Materials for prototyping
  • Iterations
  • Prototypes as a communication tool

Basics of Prototyping is taught by three experts in the area of prototyping – Jani Kalasniemi, a mechanical engineer working at Aalto Design Factory to help students to build their ideas into rough prototypes and further into MVP; George Atanassov, another mechanical engineer working as filmmaker and photographer; and also, Shreyasi Kar, an artist and designer working with interactive electronics at Aalto Design Factory.

Developed to be used also by the students of the International Joint Post-graduation in Industry 4.0 – Digital Innovation and Transformation, the Virtual Factory is a platform where the project resources will be available together with an array of additional tools. The main objective is to promote the direct contact of the target groups with the main components of Industry / Education 4.0, as well as to encourage the sharing of experiences and debate on current and emerging topics.

Excited? Enroll the course and stay tuned for the next course!

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