The Universities of the Future project celebrates its end with an international conference focusing on Industry 4.0 and the synergies between the academic and business world.

The Future of Academia Transformation in the Context of Industry 4.0 conference will take place on the 17th of June from 10 am to 1:30 pm CET. Targeting academia, business and public organizations, and all interested in the theme, this conference aims to present the project’s main outcomes to relevant stakeholders. Over 100 experts all over Europe will be invited to this final event, where wide dissemination about the UoF concept and resources will occur, attracting end-users and contributing to the project sustainability.

The event will count on the presence of expert speakers from the partnership and the special participation of international speakers in Industry 4.0 and Education. Divided into 4 main discussion panels and 2 presentations, the conference will address the following topics:

  • Panel I will focus on The Future of Industry 4.0 and Transition to Industry 5.0 and will count on the moderation of the directorate-general for Higher Education of Portugal, and the participation of a representative of higher education and another of the industry in Portugal, as well as an expert from the Center for Studies on Digital Government in Poland.
  • The first presentation will be run by Platoniq from Spain, explaining the importance of the co-design and co-creation processes in the field of Education and Industry.
  • Panel II, The role of Academia, Industry and Governmental institutions in the open innovation and co-creation process will be moderated by the Aalto University from Finland, and Polish and Finnish experts from the two sectors will share their experiences and knowledge.
  • After the coffee break, Panel III will highlight the students’ perspectives and expectations, based on their experiences from the UoF educative assets. Moderated by Aalto University, the discussion will count on the participation of 6 students from the UoF International Joint Post-graduation in Industry 4.0 – Digital Innovation and Transformation.
  • Panel IV will be led by Portugal, addressing the perspectives for an academic digital transformation, with the inputs of experts from P.PORTO, National Innovation Agency and Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.
  • Mediated by Aalto University, the closure presentation will address one of the project’s main results, the UoF Blueprint, allowing the discussion about the I4.0 trends and impact in education.

For more information on the conference’s agenda, schedules and speakers, you can find the complete program here!

Registration is free and open to all students, individuals from the industry sector and organizations, Higher Education community, experts in Education and Industry 4.0 and all stakeholders, and is already open until June 15th through the link:

Any doubts and clarifications, please contact Maria Teresa Pereira <[email protected]> or Pedro Costa <[email protected]>.

Curious? Let’s prepare the future of academia transformation in the context of industry 4.0!

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