– To produce a comprehensive body of knowledge on Industry 4.0, including:

An analysis of the readiness/maturation of regions and business and related impact on skills;

• An analysis on the potential of integrating an Education 4.0 Framework in Higher Education curricula. 

– To benchmark and showcase international best practices that support regional-driven re-industrialization processes;

– To develop a blueprint for cooperation between relevant stakeholders to accelerate innovative practices within the 4th industrial revolution.

– To boost the engagement of all stakeholders in the project from an early stage, showcasing best practices;

– Nurture joint experiences and cooperation between stakeholders, built-on on open partnerships.

– To develop and pilot a set of innovative lessons on Industry 4.0 to HIE students, to equip them with the most valorised skills;

– To develop and pilot continuous training programmes on Industry 4.0 about lifelong learning methods;

– To develop and pilot a post-graduation course on creative strategies of Industry 4.0., aiming to re/upskilling competences.

– To develop and test a set of guiding and supporting resources targeted to:

HEIs, business and government decision-making bodies, to promote the creation/updating of strategic plans and definition/implementation of specific actions towards industry 4.0 and education 4.0;

Educators and trainers, to encourage them to use technologies and innovative/creative methods in their pedagogical approaches.

– To set-up an online hub that fosters the direct contact between all key players and encourage debate.